fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.  Use In This Both Methodologies fundamental analysis and technical analysis
Fundamental analysis is the approach whereby one tries to calculate the intrinsic value of a COMMODITY  by looking at the basic economic factors, the fundamentals, which would impact its value. Relevant factors that will be looked at include:
Revenues, expenses
Growth prospects for the MCX
Expected return on MCX or assets in the MCX MARKET
it may take time for the intrinsic value to be realized. 
this factors in forward looking expectations this methodology is considered to build a valuation based on backward and forward looking information.
Technical analysis is an Commodity methodology that evaluates Market purely on the market activity surrounding them,
with no looking to the actual operations or value of the Commodity Inventory itself. Relevant factors that will be looked at include:
Historical pricing of the commodity
Trading volumes over time
MCX Market trading trends

1.Allways Maintain Strict Stop Loss
2.Trade with Market Trend
3.Don’t overtrade more than your capital 
4.Trade with your brains not with your heart

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